Lockdown latest

Well, what can I say, we’re 3 weeks in to lockdown because of Covid-19 and I feel there will be a few more weeks yet to come. I must admit, I’m all for that though. The longer we can keep our heads down for, the sooner we can emerge from this reasonably unscathed.

Its been a challenging few weeks with having Emily at home full time. It’s something I never could have predicted would happen, so obviously would never be prepared for it. The school have been amazing and have given us so many learning tools to utilise. I think for me, it’s been emotionally/mentally challenging, as my time is not my own at the moment and have my shadow following me everywhere (yes, even the loo!). But on the whole, we’ve just been muddling through. I do own a gift shop in Porthmadog (Crafts North Wales) and obviously it is shut until further notice and I was hoping to have got loads of new products made, ready for when we re-emerge the other side, but it’s not been possible, so I’ve just had to surrender and do what I can, when I can (Emily is presently going up and down the road on her bike, with Daddy, while I write this).

We’ve had a lovely few weeks so far though...but of learning with practicing writing skills, reading and spelling, alongside learning through play, baking and being creative (I hope she follows in my footsteps). The weather has been awesome too, so nothing to complain about here.

I hope you’re all staying fit and well and most importantly, staying at home and staying safe. Will catch up with you all really soon.

Lots of Love
SJ x

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