Losing Motivation, Bad Food Choices and Venturing Out

Hello everyone!!
How are you all? What sort of week have you had? The same?...me too, lol!
Well, when I say I’ve lost motivation, I mainly mean diet and nutrition wise. I’ve been pretty consistent the past few weeks, but we’ve just had a few impromptu evenings, with mainly wine involved, which isn’t doing my weight any good, but it was lovely to just let loose and "let my hair down" so to speak. But all that said, we’ve had a wonderful time together as a family, which is the most important thing.
Weigh in didn’t go as I wanted it to, but I have a plan in place, ready to take control back, which is a great feeling.
My food choices have been pretty mixed, mainly healthy, but a few pitfalls along the way. It’s made me feel pretty disappointed in myself, because I know I can do much better, but I do realise that we’re all living in a pretty stressful situation at the moment and my emotions have been a bit up and down.
On the plus side, I’ve managed to get quite a few new products completed this past week, which is awesome. I’m slowly working through my stock and getting products ready for the shop, online shop and future fairs and shows.
So, it’s been about 7 or 8 weeks since I’ve been out to a shop or supermarket and on Monday I finally ventured down the road to Sainsbury’s...it felt great! Matt has been a legend, he’s been doing all the shopping, risking himself, so that we can have the fresh and healthy food we need each week. But I really can’t ask him to buy all my "girly stuff" too, lol! So yes, it felt great to get out.
So that’s been pretty much my week. Emily and I haven’t done much schoolwork again this week, but we’re really enjoying our time together.
Anyway, I’m going to leave you for now, as I do need to crack on and get some more work done. We were going to have a picnic on the lawn, which was something to do with a school project, but it’s really windy and wild out there, so we’ll have to retreat to the summerhouse or stay indoors, otherwise it’ll all blow away.
So, I hope you all have a great week, stay safe and I’ll catch you next time.
Lots of Love
SJ x x x

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