Making To-Do Lists and Overwhelm


How’s your week been since we last spoke? Much the same? Us too.

It’s been another week with mostly the same activities...home schooling, sorting in the house, sorting in the garden, making new stock, writing down and exploring new ideas.

I decided to start making some lists, so that I’m a bit more organised in my approach to being at home...which will probably be until the beginning of June.

I’ve decided to write down at least 3 tasks for me to get completed each day (other than my normal day to day tasks of cleaning, tidying and ironing) and by the end of our lockdown, hopefully I will be all sorted and ready to crack on a bit more with work and bringing you guys some more new products.

I found that today I’ve been much more focussed by following my daily list. If I don’t get everything done, I just move it over to the next day and try not to stress about it. My main focus at the moment is Emily and making sure she is ok, is doing some work and that I’m not putting too much pressure on’s a very confusing time for her, so I’m trying to make our “home holiday” as much fun as I can.

So, when we first started in the lockdown, I was quite, I’ve now got all this time to start getting organised. Roll on a few weeks and I think there was so much that I wanted to get done, homewise and artwork wise, plus having Emily at home full time, I suddenly felt pretty overwhelmed.

After chatting online to a good friend the other day, she reminded me about setting some goals, by writing some to-do lists. But my to-do list was so huge, it scared me a little bit. So, the easiest thing I could do was to break the lists down into manageable chunks. What in my list was top priority and what could be left to the next day or another time?

I feel so much better for doing this and hopefully will continue to stay on track and get each task done to the best of my ability.

All we can do is take each day as it comes and do our best. Stay safe everyone and I’ll catch up with you next week.

 Lots of Love

SJ x

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