Productivity and Procrastination

Hey everyone!

How y’all doing? Well, I’ve got to say, I’ve had a pretty productive week.

I’ve managed to get Emily to do some schoolwork, have kept on top of tidying and cleaning the house and actually managed to move forwards on some more new products...yay me!


I must admit, our schedules and routine has been virtually zero over the last few weeks...well, since lockdown started to be honest. We’re fitting sorting jobs, normal household jobs, schoolwork, exercise and my own work in, whenever we can.

The best thing that I’ve managed to do about the whole situation, is to not panic. There are only 24 hours in a day, so there’s only so much you can do. I’ve just managed to grab snippets in the day for my own work. It’s not as if I have a big company relying on me finishing my work or anything, it’s just for stocking shops, future craft fairs and most importantly my website...which is my priority (work wise) at the moment. I needed to get my backside into gear and get some products ready and uploaded if anyone wanted to buy gifts.

In regards to Emily’s schoolwork, I’m just being guided by her. She’s learning all the time with jobs and tasks we’re doing anyway at, baking, cleaning etc, but as long as she’s practicing writing, reading, spelling and some maths, then I’m just not going to worry was getting too stressful. I’m finding that no, she doesn’t want to focus most of the time on certain planned tasks, but I’m trying to limit it to just 15 minutes at a time, so she doesn’t lose too much interest...all hail teachers! They seriously need a payrise.


I’ve got to say, I definitely have downfalls when I have to tackle tasks that I’m just not keen on doing. One main topic for me has got to be paperwork. I’m just not as organised as I’d like to be or need to be and I know that I need to get a handle on this. General paperwork is an absolute nightmare and I am considering whether to go all online with it (paperless), but there is a certain satisfaction mentally, once you see everything organised and in its’s just making that happen, is what I struggle with.

The other big one for me is ironing...oh my goodness, it just pains me doing it, I’d much rather be doing something creative...or even the cleaning...I’d rather do the cleaning than the ironing, lol! When the time comes for me to be able to afford it, I will definitely be paying someone to do it for me, ha ha! It’s definitely one thing that’s on my vision board.

So, my specific task for the week ahead, is to get myself organised with paperwork and get that blinkin ironing done and put away. I’m putting it out there to you guys and the universe...I’m making myself accountable to you all.

So, what does the week ahead look like? Pretty much the same as recent weeks I suppose...organising, sorting, a little bit of schoolwork and just some precious time with my little family. There’ll never be a time like this again (hopefully), so I need to just embrace this time with her, surreal as it is.

Hope you’re all staying home, staying safe and staying well.

Lots of love

SJ x






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